Cut Flower Business

  • Kalender Company was built in 1978 for cut flower business firstly.
  • By the end of 1980s and early 1990s we bought our previous land to give a start to flower production and export business, we are the second company in this sector of all over Turkey.
  • Up until now we had cooperation with some of the well known European companies like Florimex, Buis & Junior, Vered Flowers, Fleurametz. Currently we have cut flower exports to England, Netherlands, Poland and Egypt.
  • Our founder, Mr. Kemal Kalender had been 1st agent of Reinhart A.G. for many years until early 1990s since 1960s.
  • We are 1st company of all over Turkey who got 1st import license of Hybrid Seeds and started import from a Dutch Company called Sluis and Groot by the mid 1980s.
  • On the year 2013, we made another investment of new land.

Fertilizer Business

Distributorships from Europe

  • By the early 1990s we have been working with one of the leading Italian fertilizer company Valagro for all over turkey for 17 years.
  • Curently we are distributor of two Italian companies Pavoni and Scam, one German company SKWP, two Spanish companies Aspe and Fertilirey and also one Greek Company Teofert.

Fertilirey is our partner company from Spain which have a wide product range and guarantees high quality products specialized of liquid fertilizers in hydrosoluble powder, small cubes, conditioning, correctors, biological organic fertilizers, organo-mineral fertilizers.

As operators in the field of the fertilizer production, Fertilirey puts to the service of agriculture series of organic biostimulant and mineral products necessary during the increase of the plant and in the successive phases for obtaining and excellent production.

We as Kalender also have an agreement to sell and market their products to all over the world.

Kalender Production

Since 2013 Kalender has been producing solid and liquid fertilizers at its own facility located in Antalya as well. With 14.000 MTS mineral fertilizer production capacity and 4.000 MTS organic fertilizer production capacity, Kalender can reach your needs easily.

Your Plant is Our Business