Guaranteed Analysis
Water Soluble Zinc (Zn)

Chelated by Lignosulfonate



pH 4-6
Packing Size 1L 5L 20L


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NUTRIZINC is a product designed to be applied with foliar and irrigation water especially in areas where zinc deficiency is seen. The importance of zinc in plant nutrition is to play role in the synthesis of protein, sugar and carbohydrate in the plant. It promotes flowering in plants and lengthens the flower stems. Increases the permeability of cell walls. Zinc deficiency is frequently seen in soils which is sandy and high pH and which contain less organic material. The most obvious problems seen in plant are shortening on internodes and shrinkage on leaf size. NUTRIZINC can be mixed with plant protection products. However, since not all the results can be predicted in practice, it is recommended to take a small amount of the products to be mixed and make a trial.