Water  Soluble  Iron (Fe) 6%
EDDHA Skelatlı Iron (Fe) 6%
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6% EDDHA Fe (4.8 ortho, containing ortho isomeri) is an excellent iron source that can be used in all soil types, including in limestone and alkaline soils. It is produced to prevent iron chlorosis caused for various reasons and to treat it quickly. It is available in the form of completely soluble micro granules (WG) in water. This ensures great convenience in the use and transport of dust according to formulas. It has a unique formulation that can be easily dissolved in all kinds of water and become instant-friendly for the plant. Since coating agent is not used, it does not cause problems such as adhesion, sediment cessation and bumping in tanks.


It is applied from soil every 10-20 days till Iron deficiency disappears on the leaf.

FRUITS: Grapes, Citrus 250-300 gr/da, Kiwi 250 gr/da Apple, Pear 300 gr/da

VEGETABLES: Open Field Vegetables 250gr/da

FLOWERS: Rose, Clove, Gerbera, 250 gr/da

INDUSTRIAL CROPS: Sugar Beet. Potatoes, Corn etc. 2-2.5 Kg/da