Total Organic Matter 38%
Organic Carbon 18%
Organic Nitrogen 1,9%
Water Soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O) 1%
pH 4-6
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BASSO is a product formulated with organic substances disposed of from specially selected plants. Promotes the development of plants on the green assembly and on fruits in adverse conditions in optimum conditions. Basso is rich in organic substances provided by the concentration of herbal extracts that meet all the nutritional needs of plants. It is also supported by naturally-additive biostimulants such as plant development, nitrogen, potassium, specialty chemicals, vitamins, proteins, betains and amino acids. Basso nitrogen can be used to protect against frost and hail damage in order to provide resistance to diseases, where rapid absorption is required, maximum vejetative development continues. Basso’s main effect; it should be applied to the soil as it is to correct the soil structure by removing the lack of organic matter that occurs in densely vegetable soils. It provides maximum effect on plant metabolism by improving soil structure and content, providing root development, promoting the microbial cycle and increasing nutrient absorption.



Citrus 100-140 cc/tree 4-8 applications before bud formation and during all production period
Fruit Trees 100-160 cc/tree 4-8 applications before bud formation and during all production period
Strawberry, Cut flowers, Greenhouse products 400-500 cc/da 4-5 applications during all production period
Olive 110-120 cc/tree 4-5 application before and after bud formation
Table Grapes 1-2 lt/da 4-8 applications during all production period
Industrial Plants 1-2 lt/da 4-5 applications before and after planting.
With Foliar Application 100-200 cc/100 lt water  
Soil application: 1-2 Lt./Da. 3-4 application from vegetative development period to ripening period