Total Organic Matter 39%
Organic Carbon 17%
Organic Nitrogen 2%
Free Amino Acids 3%
pH 4-6
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ARGENTA PLUS is an organic fertilizer that promotes the green assembly of the plant to develop and grow, providing optimum development in adverse conditions consisting of specially selected vegetal amino acids. ARGENTA PLUS is a dual-mechanism product that affects yield quality and soil structure.

Argenta Plus contains high rates of free L-Aminoacids with an aminogram that will promote metabolic and enzymatic activity and cell division, as well as increase the strength mechanism of the plant under stress conditions. Various stress conditions such as weather conditions, sensitive phenological development process, pesticide damage can occur. Amino acids and polysackaritis improve the structural formation of the product (cellulose) and energy storage capacity.

Argenta Plus is plant growth regulator that contains Humic-Fulvic acids and organic substances that enables the strengthening of soil structure by promoting factors such as prevention of fluid loss in the plant, cation exchange capacity, ventilate, less fertilizer need, and soil structure. All these activities make Argenta Plus a special product, which will be used to improve the structure of the soil, which will directly effect foliar applications and the development of the root system in particular.

Argenta Plus; it is a different and unique product due to the richness and variety of compounds in its content.

Argenta Plus’s intended use; to strengthen product development and thus increase the quality and yield.

Argenta Plus; it can be used on all kinds of plants from planting to harvest and at all stages of production.



Open field vegetables 150-200 cc/100Lt. It is recommended to use all crop groups from rooting period to harvest. From the budding period to the period of fruit ripening, it is recommended to apply 3-6 applications especially during cold and stressful periods.
Greenhouse vegetables 100-150 cc/100Lt.
Citrus, fruit trees 200-250 cc/100Lt.
Industrial Crops, wheat, cotton, corn, potatoes, sunflower  

200-250 cc/100Lt.

Vineyard, melon, watermelon, strawberries 150-200 cc/100Lt.
Ornamental plants, cut flowers 100-150 cc/100Lt.
Soil application: 1-2 Lt./Da. 3-4 application from vegetative development period to ripening period