Water Soluble Manganese (Mn) 1%
Water Soluble Zinc (Zn) 2%
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Perla Mn-Zn is a product with the ability to grow flowers and fruit, especially with amino acids and plant development regulators, along with manganese and zinc, and is designed to be supplied with foliar and irrigation water. It is an excellent resource for the elimination of problems experienced in the intake of both elements and caused by the lack of these elements. For the development of the plant, the deficiencies of manganese and zinc, which are the basic nutrients, are eliminated and the plant’s development is achieved at optimum levels. The basic tasks of manganese; serves as a catalyst in the respiration of the plant. It is involved in nitrogen metabolism. Increases photosynthesis. When the deficiency is seen, the short internodes. Smallness occur in the roots by reducing the formation of flowers. The basic tasks of zinc; it is the role of protein and peptide synthesis, which have important effects in plant development. It maintains the cytoplasm structure, supports the development of shoot development by increasing the plant’s resistance to the cold. In its deficiency, elongation between the internodes and the decrease in the number of buds is seen.



Open field vegetables 250-300 cc/100Lt. Taking into account the time of the transport of calcium to the storage organs in all crop groups, it is recommended that the first application is after flowering and that other applications continue until the harvest. In cases of manganese and zinc deficiency, the number of dosages and applications can be increased.
Greenhouse vegetables 200-250 cc/100Lt.
Citrus, fruit trees 250-300 cc/100Lt.
Industrial Crops, wheat, cotton, corn, potatoes, sunflower  

350-400 cc/100Lt.

Vineyard, melon, watermelon, strawberries 250-300 cc/100Lt.
Ornamental plants, cut flowers 150-200 cc/100Lt.
Soil application: 1.5-2 Lt./Da. 1-2 application from pre-flowering to harvest period