Guaranteed Analysis
Total N 20%
Urea N 11%
Nitrate N 5%
Ammonium N 4%
pH 4-6


Packing Size 1L 5L 20L
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Thanks to its special production technique, the nitrogen (N) in its content is a source of nitrogen which is completely water soluble and can pass through the leaf stomas without wasting energy. Does not contain chlorine. Salt index is very low. Since the nitrogen combination is prepared in a balanced way, it can be mixed into fertigation water. NITROFERT is recommended for the prevention of growth and growth retardation due to nitrogen deficiency in the plant. NITROFERT which contains the important components for the development of green parts of the plant, increases the photosynthesis efficiency and dry matter accumulation of the plant and ensures the growth of plant height and prevents stunted development. It accelerates the development of branches, leaves and shoots. Prevents leaf and fruit spills.