Guaranteed Analysis
Water Soluble MgO %6
Total SO3 %12
pH 4-6
Packing Size 1L 5L 20L


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MAGNESIUM SULPHATE, Magnesium is the main component of green color (chlorophyll) in the plants and encourages the maximum utilization of the sun’s rays to create healthy and dark green leaves. It is an ideal fertilizer to revive weak growth plants or to prevent this negative effect in the early period. In this aspect; It is a plant nutrient which has a decisive effect on the photosynthetic power, dry accumulation capacity, and yield and quality of the plant. Plants that cannot get enough magnesium do not produce enough chlorophyll and the green color in the plant gradually fades. In this case, photosynthesis ability is lost, the plant growth and development stops. Magnesium also increases the water use efficiency and phosphorus uptake of the plant, provides resistance to leaves and provides resistance to cold and diseases. With sulfur, it helps to develop enzymes and vitamins in the plant. At the same time, it promotes the ripening and quality color of fruits.